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Friday, 7 April 2017

Erroneously charged Andhra youth liberated following 8 years

Vijayawada: After putting in eight years in prison for a wrongdoing which he never dedicated, an Andhra Pradesh youth at last strolled free on Sunday.

The court guided the Andhra Pradesh government to pay Rs 1 lakh remuneration to Satyam Babu and requested activity against the cops who examined the case.

The Mahila Sessions Court in Vijayawada on September 30, 2010, had sentenced Satyam Babu to life detainment for the assault and murder of Ayesha Meera.

The 19-year-old Bachelor of Pharmacy understudy was assaulted and mercilessly killed in a private ladies' inn in Ibrahimpatnam close Vijayawada on December 27, 2007.

The police asserted a leap forward when Satyam Babu was captured in a cellphone theft case on August 17, 2008. Police said he admitted to the murder as well.

When he at long last left prison on Sunday, Satyam Babu was overcome by feelings on observing her mom Mariyamma.

He expressed gratitude toward Ayesha's folks for remaining by him and requested that equity ought to be finished by rebuffing the genuine guilty parties.

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