Friday, 20 January 2017

US-led forces dropped 3 bombs/hour in 2016

President Barack Obama, who will leave office on January 20 after eight years in the Oval Office came into the limelight as a rookie Senator way back in 2002 when he announced he was "opposed to dumb wars," referring to the planned invasion of Iraq by then President George W Bush.Six years later, with the US neck deep in the quagmire of war, Obama was voted into office by a hopeful US electorate that the steady stream of body bags coming in from different war zones would end. He even got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, mainly on the basis of his peaceful intentions.

A look at Obama's eight years shows that American troop casualties have indeed gone down but the US is currently involved in more wars than in those frantic post-911 years under George Bush. The difference is that these are wars in which very low numbers of soldiers are on the ground. Deadly drone strikes and, if push comes to shove, air strikes are doing the job.So -no body bags coming back. The casualties are all on the other side.

An analysis of the " Airpower Summary", released by US Air Force Central Command in December 2016 shows that US-led western forces dropped over 32,000 bombs in 2016 alone. That's three bombs every hour all of 2016.

These bombs were released from drones as well as bomber aircraft functioning from military bases and several carrier vessels located in seas nearby.US air operations are currently ongoing in seven countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. In Bush's time the US was not involved in bombing Yemen and Libya.


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